Jet Car Stunts 2 Takes Crazy Stunt Driving To The Next Level [Video]



The sequel to 2009’s acclaimed Jet Car Stunts is now available in the App Store, and it looks pretty awesome.

Offering crazy stunt driving — and advertizing “insane jumps” and “ludicrous speeds” — Jet Car Stunts 2 offers 3 difficulty settings, 4 different game modes, 7 vehicles, and an impressive 120 levels.

There’s also controller support, the possibility of friend challenges, a level creation and sharing option, and a global leaderboard featuring action replays.

The game itself is of the “freemium” variety — meaning that you can download it without paying (with access to 5 levels, 3 time trial stages, 1 freestyle level, 1 racing level, and a limited level creation tool), but users must pay to unlock other stages and abilities.

Source: App Store