AirBoxes: Inflatable Soft-Boxes For Your Camera Lights



If you’re looking to soften up your photo lighting (and let;’s be honest, who isn;t these days?) then you could do worse than the AirBox range of light modifiers. The AirBoxes are soft-boxes that you inflate. With Air. Hence the name AirBox.

Because they contain no rigid structural supports, the AirBoxes are very light, and fold up into pocket-sized packages. They also attach to your lights via cinch-strap or velcro, making them fit pretty much any light you have.

And talking of lights, these soft-boxes are made with LEDs in mind, and come in a variety of sized depending on your needs. In general, you’ll want to got for the biggest one you can, as that’s the whole point of a soft-box: to make your light source bigger and therefore softer. That said, for macro work the small “macro” AirBox will appear like a giant hot-air balloon to tiny subjects.

The AirBoxes follow the universal rule of photo-gear pricing: They cost a lot. The big Model 1×1 costs $130 with included egg-crate modifier, and $100 without, and the smaller models go down from there, with the mini costing a reasonable $35.

Available now.

Source: AirBox
Via: NoFilmSchool