Intelligence Test Shows The iPhone Is The Smart Phone For Smart People [Report]


Never mind Touch ID, this could be the best way of unlocking future phones.
Never mind Touch ID, this could be the best way of unlocking future phones.

Which phone users are the smartest?

According to a peer-reviewed scientific study online intelligence test by renowned university British betting company Ladbrokes, the answer is iPhone owners.

The “results” were gathered from a data set of 1,000 respondees, whose time answering a series of questions (including problem solving, pattern recognition conundrums, and other headscratchers) were noted and compared. The test begins by asking which phone respondees use.

iPhone users were found to have the quickest wits — with an average completion time of 94 seconds — while BlackBerry users were the slowest at 118 seconds. Samsung owners, meanwhile, clocked in at an average of 103 seconds (although in honor of the ongoing patent trial perhaps we should suggest that they “borrowed” the right answers).

It should hardly have to be pointed out, of course, that this is hardly a serious study.

For one thing, there is no penalty for wrong answers, and users simply keep clicking until they have answered all questions correctly. (This means that I was able to randomly click my way to a 24-second record on my second go-around).

Still, at least iPhone users came top, right? Maybe there is something to it after all.

Source: Daily Mail

  • The_Nazirite

    After the NSA revelations, no smartphone is the smartphone for intelligent people.

  • cushcalc

    I call BS – I have used everything but Blackberry, using Google Nexus 5 now – don’t think I’m any dumber, or smarter, than when I was using iPhone 5s !!!