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Amazing Tablet Desk Is Perfect For Tiny Apartments


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My current desk cost me around €30 in the local flea market, comes from the GDR and is awesome. But it’s not a great desk for piling up with tech, thanks to a complete lack of charger cubbyholes and cable wranglers.

If you put my desk at one end of the tech-configurability spectrum, and a neat, modern desk on the middle, then the Bee9 Tablet Desk 2.0 would be way off at the other end of the scale.

The birch desk contains drawers, drop leaves, storage shelves and even a side table. The idea is that you can pull out various leaves and planks and even separate it into two parts, all in the name of getting the perfect setup for you, and only you.

The “tablet” part of the name refers to the removable sections on the top rear surface, which let you run cables, sink your iMac so the screen starts at desk level, or just hide whole gadgets inside. But the Bee9 also comes with slots in the main desk to prop up an iPad at a handy working angle.

And that’s before we even get to all the storage inside, the design that’s perfect for small spaces, and the fact that it is compact enough when collapsed to fit through even the most convoluted door/hallway corner route to your home office.

I’ll stick to my East German table and it’s accompanying array of cable ties for now, but if you fancy the Tablet Desk, they start at $850, and go up depending on color. And remember, each one is hand-built. By hand.

Source: Etsy
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