Double Your Mac Productivity With The OS X Mavericks Productivity Course [Deals]



After the holiday season, there are usually a lot of new Mac owners. Many of those new Mac users aren’t familiar with the platform, having switched from a Windows machine. Instead of relying on more seasoned Mac owners, wouldn’t it be great if there was an easy way to point new users in the right direction? Thanks to Cult of Mac Deals and Mac Dojo, now there is.

The Mac Dojo Productivity Course couldn’t come at a better time in the twilight of the holiday season. There’s a lot of you with new Macs out there, and if you want to get the most out of it – this is the course for you. And you can get it for a limited time for only $25 – a savings of 74%!

Mac Dojo is a perfect follow-up gift for friends or family that may have recently switched to a Mac for the first time this holiday season. That being said, there’s plenty of tips and tricks in this course we weren’t familiar with ourselves. Even if you’re an experienced Mac user, this course is great for mastering your workflow.

The highlights of this course include:

  • 32 HD-Quality Video Lessons
  • Newest Mavericks Productivity Tips
  • Desktop-centric Philosophy
  • Time-Saving Chrome Tactics + Extensions
  • Little-Known Keyboard, Evernote, + System-Wide Shortcuts
  • System Settings For Agility
  • Window Navigation Training
  • Finder Techniques + Navigation
  • Become A Text Ninja + Write Faster
  • Workflow-Boosting Apps + Much More

This course will enable the new Mac user to double their working performance on a Mac computer. These 32 HD quality video lessons are packed with features, shortcuts, and tricks that even experienced Mac users rarely take advantage of – enter the Dojo for just $25 to become a Mac ninja today!