The Executive Promises Werewolf-Bashing Action For iOS [Video]



Wonder what it would look like if Tim Cook (or a similarly high-powered executive) was forced to augment their usual duties by battling lycanthropes? Riverman Media may just have an answer for you.

The developers of Pizza vs. Skeletons, have released a trailer for their new iOS game, The Executive, set to hit the App Store in 2014. Taking the form of a side-scroller, the game puts players into the shoes of a well-dressed corporate-looking protagonist as he leaps between levels, battling werewolves and other ghoulish enemies.

It might not be the most thought-provoking game we’ve ever come across, but for those of us who fondly recall 80s side-scroller classics like Golden Axe and Double Dragon it looks as good a way as any to kick off the iOS gaming experience in 2014.

Plus it takes us back to the pre-Twilight days before werewolves with toned abs were bit-part players in teenaged love triangles.

Never a bad thing.

Source: Toucharcade