The Entire Year In Apple, In One Beautifully Designed Infographic [Timeline]


Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 7.08.43 PM

There are more than a few people who would claim that not much happened with Apple in 2013. After all, they spent the first six months of the year without releasing a single product, didn’t they?

Maybe that’s true, but in actuality, 2013 was one of the most exciting years in the Apple space in recent memory.

Don’t believe us? First of all, check out our round-up of the biggest stories in 2013, and then, take a detailed look at this incredible infographic by Kevin Choi, beautifully showing the most important milestones in Apple’s fiscal 2013, from the introduction of the 128GB iPad to the App Store’s 50th Billionth App Download, and beyond.

We can only show a small snatch of the infographic, due to its hugeness, but you can see the whole thing here on Google Drive.