Hot New Jailbreak Tweak Allows You To Customize iOS 7 Control Center [Jailbreak]



Jailbreak developer Ryan Petrich is one of the most esteemed in the community, having created the excellent Grabby, Liveclock, and Display Recorder tweaks.

Now, Petrich’s first iOS 7 tweak is here, and it’s an incredible one. Called FlipControlCenter, Petrich’s brand new jailbreak tweak lets you rearrange and customize the layout of iOS 7 Control Center, with all new buttons.

It’s a pretty great tweak. Once downloaded and installed, you get a new pane in the Settings app called ‘FlipControlCenter’ which allows you to choose exactly what you want to appear in your iPhone or iPad’s Control Center.

For example? Replace the Bluetooth toggle with a Respring button, or one that disables your VPN, triggers Do Not Disturb, Rotation button, or so on. Basically, it changes Control Center into SBSettings.

Of course, there’s some bad news. Because 64-bit devices like the iPhone 5s, iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina Display are not yet supported by Cydia, you can’t install this tweak on your jailbroken device if you have an A7 chip inside your device. That should change soon, though, according to Cydia gatekeeper Jay Freeman.

To download FlipControlCenter, you’ll need to add Ryan Ptrich’s repo at to Cydia, then download it there. But do, because it’s worth it.

Via: App Advice

  • sainathvaidya


  • sainathvaidya

    It probably gonna kill SBSettings. Very neat app!! Thanks!

  • DJBabyBuster

    Exactly the tweak I was waiting for; once there’s mywi toggle support I’ll be set.