HeyDay App Tracks Your Every Move To Make Amazing Photo Diary




Heyday for the iPhone is a little like the great (and defunct) Everpix flashback feature, which showed you photos you took on this day in history. Only Heyday goes one better: it doesn’t just remember photos, it remembers places, and weaves the two together into a rather neat little automatic journal.

The app uses GPS to log your daily meanderings, matching your photos to the timeline and looking up locations using the Foursquare database. The results are presented in a neat grid, mixing days from the past with memories of nearby spots. And of course there are filters to futz with your photos, and you can also add in your own thoughts by, you know, writing them down.

I have used the pretty-neat-but-chronically-neglected Memento app to do something similar, but I like the fact that this app keeps track of where you go too. One of my main reasons to snap a photo with my iPhone is to remember a place, so this seems ideal.

What I don;t like is that you need to have the GPS radio spin up every once in a while to track you, which will impact battery life. It’s especially annoying as the iPhone already keeps a track of everywhere you go, for free. Why can’t apps tap into this database?

Still, I’m going to give this one a spin. If it’s battery impact is small enough, it could be the perfect way to collect memories, without actually having to do anything.

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Via: Macworld