Last-Minute Christmas Gift? Get An iPad Painting Done By A Cat



Remember all those stories that accompanied the iPad’s launch about how the device was so straightforward that a person with no previous computer experience could use one? Well, it turns out that they’re so easy that cats can use them too.

A new endeavor from the UK’s Cats Protection charity has seen pictures “painted” by felines, using the Paint For Cats iPad app, sold off to raise money.

The app shows cats a squeaking mouse which moves around the screen, with each pounce or scratch from the cat registered as a brushstroke.

“When I found the app, I downloaded it and tried it on my cats” says adoption centre volunteer Valeria Higgins. “They were keen but not exceptionally keen. So where better to try it out, than where there’s lots of cats?”

You can’t fault her logic — and apparently some people are intrigued enough that they are shelling out money for the prints generated.

“We always knew our cats were special but I really didn’t realize the wealth of untapped talent here,” notes Bel Livingstone, manager of the Belfast Adoption Centre, which now doubles as an iPad art studio.

“Everyone’s welcome to come along and view the cat art on display and of course take the opportunity to meet the artists.”

Bring on the inevitable awful (paw-ful?) puns about budding “Paw-cassos”.

Source: BBC