Letter, A Beautiful Markdown App Just For Writing Emails


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Have you ever responded to an e-mail from your boss with some angry knee-jerk reply, then you’ve accidentally sent it, only to regret it later as you sweep the contents of your desk into a cardboard filing box? Me too, but as Leander never reads any of his e-mail, I — unlike you — still have a job.

Let.ter is a brand new app which will help you stay employed next time. It’s a beautifully simple Markdown-based app with one purpose: composing e-mails away from your main e-mail app.

The app, from Hog Bay Software’s “javascript jockey” Mutahhir Ali Hayat, does One Thing Well. Give it your e-mail login details and you’re off. The main window (really the only window) show a beautifully designed text editor in which you compose your opus/shopping list/angry rant. Markdown shortcuts are supported (⌘B will add double asterisks to either side of the selected word, for example), and you can hit preview at any time to see what your mail will look like when sent. You can even choose a full screen view in which you text is sensibly sized into a column, even on a giant 27-inch display.

Recipients are added in a section at the bottom of the page (pulled from your contacts).

The only part I don’t like is that in the preview pane, the “send” and “edit” buttons are right next to each other, down in the bottom right corner. This seems like a recipe for disaster. And to my eyes, the edit view is actually prettier than the preview view, which is a little confusing.

Still, the app is great, and I can see myself using it to fire off quick e-mails the way I use Drafts on iOS. There’s a 7-day free trial, and if you like it you can pay a whole $2.80 to keep it.

Source: The Letter
Thanks: Mutahhir!