Apple Posts iOS 7 Tech Talk Videos For Registered Developers




Apple has just posted its iOS 7 Tech Talks videos online for streaming by information-hungry developers. The videos show the full sessions of the roving, mini-WWDC sessions that have been taking place throughout the world since October.

The tech talks happened in San Francisco, Shanghai, New York, Tokyo, London and Berlin, and comprised two one-day events focussed on games, and on apps in general. Topics for the videos, which are available to registered developers only, include everything from App Store distribution and marketing to UI design for iOS 7 Apps to “Advances in OpenGL ES 3.0.”

So, if you’re a dorky developer with no friends of family to spend time with this Christmas, then you’re holiday viewing is now taken care of. Just don;t get too tipsy while you’re enjoying “Hidden iOS7 Development Gems” on Boxing Day.

Source: Apple