New Nokia Ad Claims iPad Users Ignore Their Dogs



Nokia has taken aim at the iPad before. Just last month, we reported on a somewhat Freudian ad for the Lumia 2520 which showed a male iPad user unable to connect with the fairer sex because of the “shortcomings” of his chosen tablet.

If that wasn’t enough to get you to drop your Apple products immediately, Nokia now returns with an even more searing indictment against the iPad: it will make you ignore your dog.

Taking place in a sunny park, the ad (shown above) depicts a woman walking her mutt, but unable to simultaneously look at her iPad, because the sun’s reflection makes the screen difficult to see. The woman retreats under a tree where the dog is unable to follow because… yeah, that bit’s never really explained.

In the end, the dog finds a new friend in a Lumia 2520 user who still ignores him in favor of his tablet, but at least ignores him in broad daylight thanks to the Lumia 2520’s brighter display.

“Get out and play,” the ad’s strapline reads. “The Nokia Lumia 2520 with full screen and best outdoor readability.”

To be honest, we’d rather keep our iPads and buy a cat.

  • barleymcgrew

    The one thing that drives me away from purchasing from a company is when it advertises negative statements and claims about the rivals and doesn’t really focus on what their product can do better than the rivals.

    In fact when they make crazy claims like ‘having a keyboard means it is for real work’ when their own product does not come with that keyboard included and, of course in this case, that owners of iPad’s ignore their dogs it makes me less interested in making a purchase of the advertisers product.

    All this massively negative style advertising seems to stem from one source, Microsoft seem to be the first Tech company that feels that it is okay to negatively advertise and now it is spreading like a plague through the rest. Trouble is Microsoft, Nokia, & Amazon, the three that seem to come straight to mind, is that the more you mention your rivals name negatively the more people tend to suspect that there is something wrong with your product that you are trying to direct people away from seeing.

    Negative advertising might work in the political arena though some may say that recent elections have shown that even there people are no longer responding in the manner that the advertisers expected and of course the man behind the negative advertising from Microsoft was fired by Hillary Clinton during her campaign to become nominee against Barack Obama because the negative advertising was having an adverse affect on her campaign rather than improving it.

  • norb

    Fact – Dogs hate the shade.

  • Confusion_Lives

    Windows RT vs iPad Apps? Why would you buy one of these anyway. Windows RT and Metro is a pile of fail. You can have your 10 apps.