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Preserve Your Precious VHS Videos Forever With Honestech Video Conversion For Mac [Deals]



Videotapes can deteriorate over time, and your old videos will have color bleed, white specks, and other distortions. Now is the time to save your collection before it’s too late with this all-in-one VHS conversion solution.

With Honestech Video Conversion for Mac, any Mac user can easily convert old VHS, Betamax and camcorder tapes to DVDs and digital formats and save those precious memories captured on home video. This software solution is currently available for only $54.99 thanks to Cult of Mac Deals.

Please note: This offer is only available to customers in the continental United States. The sale price includes shipping and all sales are final. To review all other important reminers surrounding this offer, visit the Deals page.

Archiving those old tapes might be the best way to ensure they survive another generation, but what good are they if you can’t enjoy them? This conversion package won’t just help you convert those VHS tapes, but you’ll be able to put them onto a device that allows for easy access. That’s the kind of access you want for things like old holiday gatherings, baby videos, and school concerts.

The top features of Honestech Video Conversion for Mac include the following:

  • All-in-one solution: Includes the USB capture device and all necessary cables
  • Easy-to-use: Step-by-step pictorial instruction and toll-free support line
  • Smooth integration: Watch in iTunes, edit in iMovie, burn to DVD using iDVD or other video creation apps

There’s no better time than now to ensure that those priceless moments you’ve captured on VHS last forever. Get Honestech Video Conversion for Mac for the low price of $54.99 during this special offer and take care of those memories today!