Snapheal Holiday Freebie: Mac App Store Best Of 2012 [Freebie]



Have you recently fell victim to a photobomber? Have a memorable picture that is ruined by an object that just didn’t (or couldn’t) get out of the way?

Well, Snapheal can help you with that. And Cult of Mac Deals is giving Snapheal away for free during this special holiday offer.

This easy-to-use photo editor allows you to simply point and click to remove unwanted objects or individuals from any photo. Don’t worry about ruining the quality of the image. While Snapheal is a breeze to use, this powerful software cleverly blends in the background making it virtually impossible to notice a removed object ever existed.

The features that Snapheal boasts include:

  • Erase: Erases extra objects and fixes imperfections on your photos faster and better than most photo editors.
  • High-end Algorithms: Snapheal features smart pixel identifications algorithm & cutting edge technologies to solve all kinds of photo problems.
  • Clone and Stamp: Ideal for fixing blemishes on photos and perform quick minor fixes.
  • Retouch Images: Variety of tools to make good pictures great. Just in a flash you can improve gamma, saturation, contrast, color temperature; adjust light levels, shadows and highlights; sharpen image, reduce noise and more!

Take advantage of this holiday freebie and get Snapheal – the fastest, easiest way to remove objects from your photos today!