Herschel’s Anchor Sleeve Holds Your MacBook Air — And Only That [Review]




Anchor Sleeve for MacBook Air by Herschel Supply Co.
Category: Laptop Sleeve
Works With: iPad Air
Price: $34.95

There is something unimportant and yet oh-so-important about choosing the right way to carry around your laptop.

Apple purists likely hate anything which covers up their beloved machines for even the shortest amount of time. For the rest of us, however, it’s about finding the most attractive way possible to transport your laptop without being mugged in the process.

What It Is

A two-tone laptop sleeve designed for the MacBook Air. Available in 11, 13 and 15-inch sizes, and in four different color combos (black and dark gray, black and lime green, green and fuchsia, dark blue and red).  “Ain’t no more to it,” as Notorious B.I.G. once said.

The Good

Considering it’s designed for the MacBook Air, the Anchor Sleeve is suitably minimalist — with an attractively functional design that doesn’t draw too much attention to itself. The stitching is high quality, and the fleece lining offers good protection for your laptop. It’s surprisingly rugged, too — with a chunky zipper and more padding than you’ll find in many other lighter-weight laptop bags. It’s also fairly water resistant — which I discovered entirely by accident, courtesy of a glass of water, although I’m in no great hurry to redo the experiment. The price is fairly reasonable.

You'll fit your Macbook Air. And nothing else.
You’ll fit your MacBook Air. And nothing else.

The Bad

There is very little “value added” here. You want a laptop sleeve? You’ve got a laptop sleeve. There are no pockets, and carrying your power cables or any other peripherals (a Magic Mouse, for instance) is pretty much out of the question. There’s no shoulder strap either, so you’re going to need to buy a bag on top of this one to carry it around in. Not ideal.

The Verdict

We don’t review many lightweight laptop sleeves. And with good reason, really: they’re not nearly as exciting as high-end USB microphones or iPhone-controlled model airplanes.

But they get the job done — and that description pretty much sums up my thoughts on the Herschel Supply Co. Anchor Sleeve. It’s nice enough quality that you’ll not be disappointed with it, and you’ll probably be grateful when its wrapped around your MacBook Air the one time you decide to accidentally drop it.

Even if it is essentially a glorified dust cover.


Product Name: : Anchor Sleeve for MacBook Air

The Good: Reasonably stylish, protective, and surprisingly rugged.

The Bad: No shoulder strap, no room to carry your power cable. Work close to home, basically.

The Verdict If you want something to carry your MacBook Air all over town you could likely do better. If it’s to stop your laptop from getting scratched in your backpack, a good choice.

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  • MACDad_D

    love this Hershel Brand. Anyone know anything about its durability? Anyone have this?