Aspyr Shrinks Entire Star Wars Galaxy Of Knights Of The Old Republic Onto The iPhone




Aspyr has figured out how to shrink an entire galaxy (one far, far away, of course) onto the iPhone and iPod; all the Wookies, Jawas, Jedis, Tusken Raiders and bounty hunters — all now made tinier as Aspyr updates the previously iPad-only Knights of the Old Republic as a Universal App.

To celebrate this feat of quantum mechanics (or simple coding, your pick) Aspyr has slashed the app’s price in half, from $10 to $5.

If you haven’t experienced the decade-old, lightsaber-heavy RPG yet, now’s the time to grab a copy; we’re not sure how well its hybrid turn-based/realtime combat system will translate onto a 4-inch screen, but we’re curious to find out.

Brining KOTOR to the really small screen is the headline feature of the new upgrade, but there’re also new features like: an updated UI for the iPhone/iPod, shadow effects on the Retina iPads and the iPhone 5s and extra lighting effects for the iPad Air and iPhone 5s. There’s even “experimental” — read: probably a little sketchy — support for those new iPhone game controllers (like this one).

For those of you with an iPhone 4 or older, just forget you ever read this, because KOTOR won’t work on your device.

Source: Aspyr