Netherlands Apple Store Won’t Open This Year, Christmas Tree Returned


(Credit: Dé Haagse nieuwssite)
(Credit: Dé Haagse nieuwssite)

Remember that story we ran recently about the Grinch Apple Store that stole Christmas?

For those who don’t recall, the news item in question concerned a giant Christmas tree  in shopping area De Passage of Netherlands city The Hague, which had been removed at Apple’s request so as not to obscure the entrance of its new store.


Well, Apple has recanted and decided to let the tree appear after all.

Why? As much as we’d like to claim it has something to do with an angel getting its wings by teaching Tim Cook the true meaning of Christmas, the real reason is that Apple has acknowledged that its new Apple Store — the third in Holland — won’t be opening until 2014.

In fact, shoppers in De Passage now have two Christmas trees to admire — since a second was put in a different location up as a “consolation” after Apple requested the original’s removal.

Source: iPhoneclub

Thanks: Johnny Konings