iPhone 5s Demand Is Still Strong 3 Months On [Analyst]



Photo: Cult of Mac

Just as in real life — where trouble-making siblings get more attention than quiet, studious ones — it seems that everyone is speculating about the supposed low sales of the iPhone 5c, while ignoring the fact that the iPhone 5s is ticking along nicely.

Very nicely, in fact, according to Susquehanna Financial Group analyst Chris Caso, who says that sales of the 5s haven’t fallen off since launch — and are more than offsetting weak demand for the 5c.


Continued strong demand for the iPhone 5s means that Apple won’t feel pressured to rush the iPhone 6 to market, Caso continues.

Demand for the iPhone 5s puts Caso’s forecast for total iPhone builds this quarter in the 53 million range — in line with his earlier outlook.

Cult of Mac had previously reported how Apple was shifting production away from the iPhone 5c toward the 5s.

“Our checks indicate the mix has indeed shifted disproportionately to iPhone 5S, with production of 5S running nearly 4x that of 5C,” Caso writes.

“Importantly, we note there wasn’t a fall off in demand for iPhone 5S after the initial strength of the launch. This shift should have beneficial revenue and gross margin implications.”

Source: Investors