IMDB App Updated For iOS 7, Adds New Navigation And Stalking Features



The IMDB app has finally – finally – been updated to fit in with iOS 7’s tasteful decor. Heavy users of the app won’t really notice anything different in the layout, which remains as easy to use as ever (and way better than the terrible web version), but everyone will appreciate the new lick of paint, and the other new features that have been added to v4.0.

IMDB is a pretty great app. Not only does it help settle arguments about which Arquette was in which Tarantino movie, but it will tell you the showtimes in local cinemas (even outside the U.S, which is rare) and pop up notifications onto your lock screen to tell you about new releases.

Version 4 adds a cool new navigation element to the iPhone: an always-available drop-down menu with quick access to your watch-list, ratings and other lists, plus sections for movies, TV and celebrities.

Which brings me on to the people list, which lets you virtually stalk actors (and probably even best boys and dolly grips) from the comfort of your own phone.

There are other additions too, like the Road to the Oscars section, plus voting on trivia and quotes and new sort filters for list.

In short, the best movie info app on iOS just got even better. If you don;t have it, you should go grab it now.

Source: iTunes