Filmic Remote Turns Spare iOS Devices Into Remote-Controlled Movie Cameras



Speaking of remote-control and movies, Filmic Remote is a new companion app for the fantastic-but-fugly iOS movie-shooting app, Filmic.

As you will have guessed from the name, Filmic Remote lets you use one iOS device to remote control the Filmic app running on another iOS device.

The app is actually pretty amazing (especially as it’s free). It acts more like a master console for a multi-camera shoot than a mere remote trigger, and although both apps are Universal, the best way to work seems to be with Remote on an iPad and Filmic on whatever other devices you have.

The Remote screen shows a source list plus a window showing a live view from connected cameras (this can be made full-screen, or switched to less-bandwidth-hungry B&W). You can switch between sources, and control each instance of Filmic direct, with all the manual controls that would be available to you were you using the actual app on the actual iPhone: “focus, exposure, white balance, torch, zoom and record operations.”

You can also limit access using permissions and timers on the target device.

Sounds pretty cool, right? Now imagine what you could do in your own home or office right now, just with the gear available. You could direct a multi-camera setup using your old iPhone, a spare iPad plus the kids’ iPod Touches, then dump all of the footage into iMovie and edit together an awesome movie. Dog-on-a-skateboard videos will never be the same again.

Source: iTunes

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