Pyle Audio Offers New Inexpensive Connected Bluetooth Body Scale



Pyle Audio makes one of pretty much everything. If it has wires, knobs, plastic or is made of a material that can be found in or near our solar system, Pyle makes it. Cover for your boat’s stereo? Yes. How about a thingy that detects leaks from microwave ovens? You bet. And a waterproof telephone handset for the shower? Try not to gurgle when your boss calls.

Add one more gadget to the (wait for it) Pyle. This time, the prolific company has proffered up a scale — one of the fancy Bluetooth-connected ones that comes with its own app.

The imaginatively named Bluetooth Fitness Scale — or PHLSCBT4, for those of you who prefer l33t and might be drunk — measures (obviously) weight, as well as the percentage of body fat, muscle mass and bone mass making up that weight on its glass surface. Then it sends the data via Bluetooth to an accompanying app on your iPhone, which correlates the data with your blood pressure and glucose & cholesterol data (which presumably means Pyle also makes a blood pressure cuff and a glucometer, and is possibly working on a nuclear-powered frisbee and/or an automatic milking machine).

There’s no shortage of either Bluetooth or wifi connected scales to choose from, but Pyle’s new PHLSCBT4 is just $60 — which is either the least expensive or among the least expensive we’ve come across.

Source: Pyle Audio