This Week In Cult of Mac Magazine: Setting up Your New iPhone or iPad The Right Way


Cover design: Rob LeFebvre

Cult of Mac Magazine’s Unboxing Issue is a super-sized, mega edition packed full of good advice for your new device, whether you’re giving or getting.

We’ve got guides on how to set up your brand new iPhone and iPad, what apps and games you need as well as the accessories Cult of Mac reviewers won’t leave home without.

Cult of Mac contributor and legal eagle Jonathan Zschau also gives you the run-down on how to best protect your device. As he guides you through all the options for insurance, Apple Care and credit card protection, he points out which mobile carrier could swap out your gold iPhone for a space gray number and why buying your new device with some credit cards may be a better deal than others so you can make smarter decisions.

We take a trip down memory lane with some vintage unboxing galleries and our resident Genius tackles thorny questions about iPad screen replacements and the most annoying questions Apple customers always ask.

You’ll also find our fresh-off-the-iTunes new entry list for best new apps and music, so you can load up your new device with some cool stuff.

Happy Unboxing Day!

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