Jolicloud Now Includes Instagram, Feedly, Evernote



Jolicloud, the Norwegian Dropbox alternative that doesn’t have to secretly give your data to the U.S. police state whenever it’s asked, has made available a beta version of its v2.0 web app. And it’s pretty amazing. Up until now, Jolicloud was very similar in intent and execution to Dropbox: a folder that’s everywhere.

Now, though, you not only get online access to your Jolicloud folder, but to all your other internet accounts. Including Dropbox.

The new web app (which can be installed as such on your iPad’s home screen) is split into two sections, “home” and “drive.” The difference between them is somewhat confusing right now, but the purpose of the app is to collect all your services into one place. You can hook in Flickr, Dropbox, Vimeo, Instapaper and Pocket, Instagram, Scribd and lots more, and view them in a custom layout. You can also browse a timeline containing all of them, and if you favorite an image, document, video or whatever, it’s added to your drive for you.

There’s also a nice search feature which presents its results as thumbnails with pictures, although you can’t search across all services simultaneously – yet.

I’ll need to play with it some more to see if its useful. I suspect it’s going to be a lot more handy on the iPad than it is on the Mac, although it works equally well in both places. And if you’re a Jolicloud user, it’s free.

I got an invite in the mail, but it looks like any existing customers can try it out as well.

Source: Jolicloud
Source: Jolicloud Blog

  • tariqkrim

    Thanks for the great article. I love that you call us the Norwegian dropbox, but jolicloud is located in the heart of Paris. Nonetheless we are committed to protect our user privacy as much as any Norwegian would ;)

    tons of things coming soon, we will keep you updated!

    happy joliclouding