Olloclip Now Fits Your iPhone 5C, With Matching Colors


olloclip color

You know how Apple keeps last year’s iPhone around, maybe adds a color, and sells it for less than the current model? That’s what Olloclip is doing with the 3-IN–1 lens. Kinda. The lens now fits the iPhone 5C, comes in a rainbow of matching colors, and costs just $60.

You get the same macro/fisheye/wide-angle combo as before, all in a little widget that slides over the corner of the iPhone 5C and covers the camera lens. The Macro lens is found by unscrewing the wide-angle, and the fisheye is also useful when shooting video, in order to compensate for the digital zoom Apple applies in movie mode.

And of course you don;t have to choose the color that matches your iPhone 5C. Like Apple’s own gaudy cases, you can always mix and match for maximum eye-searing effect.

Source: Olloclip