PowerPak Ultra, The Rugged Battery Pack ‘Built For Extremists’



It used to be OK to ask a stranger in a bar “do you have a Nokia charger?” and borrow said charger for a while to juice your phone. These days, though, you’ll mark yourself out as a Low-Charge Loser, the kind of person who goes to bed without plugging in his iPhone. Worse, you’re probably carrying more than just a phone. Are you really going to ask a stranger for adapters to charge your iPad and Kindle too?

You are not. What you need is a beefy backup battery. And at this time of year, it should be waterproof, too.

The New Trent PowerPak Ultra is a 14,000mAh battery pack, with two outputs, one regular 1A USB port and one high-power 2A port for iPads. Charging the unit itself is done via microUSB, and the brick can juice an iPhone 5 around six times over.

So far, so useful. But the PowerPak Ultra distinguishes itself by being tough. You can keep it in a bag and forget about it until it’s needed, or you can pour water on it like the folks making the promo photos have done, squirting it in a provocative stream right onto the PowerPak’s hard orange body.

Also, good news for both Taliban and NRA members: the PowerPak Ultra was designed with the “outdoor extremist in mind.” Imagine that.

Source: New Trent
Thanks: Valerie!