Fragment App Turns Your Photos Into Broken Shards Of Art



Imagine that one of your photos was printed onto a sheet of card, and that this piece of card was carefully sliced and cut to chop it into a series of concentric rings, or concentric squares, or just a geometric pattern of tiles.

The imagine moving these sections with your finger to make a fragmented version of your picture, only because you’re using the Fragment app instead of real scissors and paper, there are never any gaps between the pieces. Sound like fun right?

The app comes from Pixite, the folks behind Tangent and lots of other iOS apps, and the interface itself is as slick as the results it gives. Along with the fragmentation aspect of the app you can also make the usual picture adjustments – contrast, brightness and so on – only they’re done on a neat little sliding scale, with the effect type on one the top slider and the amount on slider just below it. This is fast and intuitive, kind of like Snapseed’s clever gesture-based controls only better.

Who is this app for? The obvious answer is “concept album cover artists from the 1970s,” but it’s for anyone who wants to add a graphic element to their photos without firing up Photoshop and getting all dirty with layer masks and vectors.

It’s also a lot cheaper, and a lot more fun than the desktop alternative, at $1 for a universal app that’l work on both your iPhone and your iPad.

Available as soon as it seeps through the App Store’s launch processes.

Source: Pixite
Thanks: Eugene