It’s Hard To Review Ski Safari: Adventure Time — Because I Can’t Stop Playing It [Review]


Ski Safari: Adventure Time

That headline isn’t hyperbole. I’ve started this review three times, but I kept thinking of things I should “check out” in the game so that I could make sure I was writing the thing properly. But mainly, I just wanted to keep playing the new Adventure Time version of Ski Safari.

Ski Safari: Adventure Time by Cartoon Network
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone, iPad
Price: $0.99

If you haven’t played the original, it’s a twist on the endless runner genre: The endless skier. The hapless hero has to give it all he has to outrun an avalanche that is barreling down the hill behind him. He can do backflips for points and can hitch rides on the local wildlife for speed boosts, and all the while, he’s collecting as many coins as he can.

Ski Safari: Adventure Time is the same thing only with 100 percent fewer skis and way more characters from Pendleton Ward’s awesome cartoon series. So basically, it’s better in every way.

It’s all pretty self-explanatory: Don’t let the avalanche catch you. Finn can hitch rides with Lady Rainicorn, The Ice King, Marceline, Jake, and many other characters from the show, and doing so not only helps you move faster to stay ahead of the encroaching wall of snowy doom, but it also forms a life bar of sorts. If you’re skating along on Jake’s back, and you hit a rock, Finn falls off of his magic mount but doesn’t wipe out. Upgrading Jake lets you carry more passengers for an even larger margin of error.

It’s the same thing as Ski Safari only with 100 percent fewer skis and way more characters from Pendleton Ward’s awesome cartoon series.

Meanwhile, you’re going for distance and coins, and the game throws challenges at you to work on during your runs. For example, you might have to complete five backflips while inside a cave (not in a row; don’t be crazy). Completing these tasks helps you level up, and that raises your combo meter and allows you to earn more points and achieve a higher maximum speed.

It’s all very quick, addictive, and fun, and I just stopped writing the review again to go play around.

I may have a problem.

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Game Name: : Ski Safari: Adventure Time
The Good: It’s fun, it’s quick, and Marceline is in it.
The Bad: Lady Rainicorn got me killed more often than not, and this game might start interfering with my daily life if I’m not careful.
The Verdict: It’s a fun, casual game with a great skin on it. What’s not to like?
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