Find Kids Apps According To Age With Dedicated Section In iTunes [iOS Tips]


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Chances are you are looking at apps for your kids during this holiday season, or you will be shortly. You don’t want to do this willy-nilly, as not all apps are made for kids, and searching for any apps from the big list is just too much.

Whether you need to find an appropriate gaming app for your child to keep them busy while you’re carting them around your local department store, or you want to fill their iPod up with great new apps for the holiday, Apple has got you covered with its own dedicated Kids section.

Tap on the App Store icon on your Home screen to go to Apple’s distribution portal. Now you have a choice. You can tap on the Featured button in the lower left, and then tap on the big kids banner just underneath the “Best New Apps” section. You might need to scroll down a bit. This will take you to the special section of featured kids apps, and you can sort it even further with the various age-filtered banners below, like kids ages 5 and under, ages 6-9, and ages 9-11. Swipe to the right even further, and you’ll see the Games for Kids banner, which filters things to just gaming apps.

The second way to get to kids apps is to hit the Top Charts button, just to the right of Featured. Then, tap on the Categories button in the top left and choose Kids. You’ll get a second list, where you can decide to see apps for All Kids, Kids 5 & Under, Kids 6-8, and Kids 9-11.

Now you can rest assured that the apps and games you put on the iOS device for your kids are child-friendly and match their age. How great is that?

You can also do this in iTunes on your Mac with a click in the App Store, or right on your iPad as well.

  • bttab

    Sorry to say, but this is rather worthless. Those sections only include the handful of apps they’ve chosen, and there are so many more that are appropriate. What we need is a way to do advanced searching for apps. For example, a great many apps turn up if you search on “Mystery”. Several of them are appropriate for pre-teens or even younger, but many others are not. Yet, there is no way, short of clicking on each one, to know which is which. This is nothing short of absurd. The data (ratings) is there, but we can’t narrow the search by it. Hey Apple, the rest of us are in the 21st century! Y’all ought to join us.