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The Brooklyn Camera Bag: A $330 Satchel




Looking for a $330 camera bag that looks like and old thrift-store leather satchel? Then look no further: The Brooklyn ONA Camera Bag is just such an enigma, a beautiful bag that can carry your gear in a safely padded interior. Or you could opt for my excellent alternative…



If you’re really willing to spend $330 on a hand-crafted, full-grain leather bag with padding and movable dividers, then might I suggest the following: Head to your thrift store and buy a battered leather bag for $10. Then head to Photojojo and buy the excellent $60 Any Bag Camera Bag Insert. Then mail me the other $260 in cash.

Back to the Brooklyn bag, which has space for around three lenses, a camera body, plus accessories in the pockets and an iPad or MacBook in a flat pocket around back.

Want one? Photojojo can get it to you in time for Christmas. Or you could just make your own.

Source: Photojojo