Ice Cream Sandwich Now Available For iPhone


sandy icey


We talk about people who take their jobs home with them, some folks take this way too seriously. Our own Killian Bell, for instance, gave his poor disappointed daughter a Kindle Fire instead of an iPad last Christmas.

This year, Santa tells me that she has begged him for a phone with Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich, and he’s going to give her this: an iPhone 5 with an ice-cream sandwich case. What a dad!

The case comes from Etsy, costs a mere $20, and is available sized to fit the iPhones 4 and 5, plus a few Samsung Galaxies. It’s made of plastic and aluminum, and in a final insult to his long-suffering offspring, the cookie pictured on the back of the case is just that – a picture printed on a flat panel.

Still, even this case makes a better gift than the one my mother still buys for me every year, even though I’m no longer a child: a pack of cigarettes. I guess I’ll be popular with the neighborhood kids again this year.

Source: Etsy

  • robogobo

    Does this guy think it’s cool to give his daughter the opposite of what she wants?

  • KillianBell

    Does this guy think it’s cool to give his daughter the opposite of what she wants?

    No, he does not. Charlie’s just joking. ;)

  • Market_Mayhem

    There are lots of parents who think like that. They believe they’re teaching their children some life’s lesson of they can’t always get what they want in life or when you get a lemon, you make lemonade. Usually this life’s lesson is based upon the parent’s inability to make enough money to buy what will really make the child happy on Christmas morning. Giving a child an Android tablet instead of an iPad is like telling them Santa has considered them naughty children and they deserved a lump of coal.

    You better not pout
    you better not cry
    you better watch out,
    I’m telling you why
    An Android tablet is all you deserve.