Upgrade Your Mac To 802.11ac With QuickerTech’s USB Dongle




QuickerTech’s pitch for its 802.11AC USB Transceiver is a good one in this wasteful age of needless upgrades: instead of tossing out your perfectly good old Mac just to buy one that is only marginally better just because it has faster 802.11ac wireless, just add this little USB dongle instead. This is especially true for a desktop Mac, which has plenty of USB ports to house a the little widget.

It does exactly what it says it does. Plug it in and enjoy fast 802.11ac Wi-Fi, as well as compatibility with older b/g/n networks. All you need to do is install the included drivers, just like you do if you add third-party Ethernet to modern Ethernet-free Macs.

Speaking of Ethernet – if you really are using a desktop Mac, or a MacBook which you dock in the same spot on a desk, then you should probably consider using an Ethernet cable for speedy networking. It’s almost as fast as the local hard drive inside the computer, and it’s interference free. And it’s also free free is you already own a cable.

The 802.11AC USB Transceiver is available now for $60.

Source: QuickerTech