The Only Book Jobs Downloaded To His iPad Is Now A Movie


Steve Jobs reclines in a chair on stage to show off the iPad.
Steve Jobs reclines in a chair on stage to show off the iPad.

Think the Ashton Kutcher-starring Jobs, and the forthcoming Aaron Sorkin biopic are the only Steve Jobs-related projects doing the Hollywood rounds? Think again.

A new movie called The Answer has just finished filming — based on the best-selling 1946 book Autobiography of a Yogi.What does this have to do with Jobs? Not only was it the only book he downloaded to his iPad 2, but it was reportedly the final gift he gave to select friends and family.

Set in the late 1930s through the early 1950s, The Answer tells the story of “one man’s journey to self-realization” as the central character attempts to find answers regarding God, the search for eternal truths, and the means by which to build an insanely great smartphone with a beautiful touchscreen and no keypad (okay, not so much that last one).

Directed by Indian helmer Pavan Kaul and starring Victor Banerjee (A Passage to India), The Answer is planned for a mid-2014 release.
Source: Hollywood Reporter

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