Galaxy Run Delights In Sending Its Homesick Astronaut Plunging To His Doom [Review]


Galaxy Run

I don’t know why characters in endless runner games are always in such a big hurry.

Galaxy Run by Spiel Studios
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone, iPad
Price: $0.99

Sure, Runbot was fleeing the secret lab that created him. And the guy in Temple Run has that whole “killer demon monkeys” thing going on, so he’s cool.

But Rez, the hero of the new endless runner Galaxy Run, is just headed home. Why’s he gotta be Mr. Perpetual Motion all the time? It just gets him killed a lot.

I’m being a little flippant up there; the answer is that without constant motion, these games would just be platformers and require a completely different skill set. And Rez really wants to get home, so he doesn’t have time to stop and make sure he can clear that jump. He’s just gotta jump.

Galaxy Run‘s main hook is that it’s always introducing new mechanics and obstacles. You start out with simple jumps before learning the double-jump, and then you learn about gravity switching, and then it’s time to deal with speed boosters, and then … you get the idea. It’s constantly throwing new stuff at you and combining its various parts in interesting ways. So the game never feels old.

It occasionally feels difficult as hell, but that’s bound to happen.

The game never feels old.

This game will frustrate you. It will punish you. And it will make you wonder what it wants from you. And that’s pretty much what you expect from these things with the added bonus of having to make split-second decisions about what various icons mean and how you use them.

So if you’re up for a challenge and like a crap-ton of variety in your games, they basically made this one just for you.

Galaxy RunGame Name: : Galaxy Run
The Good: Lots of variety, levels, and challenge.
The Bad: Maybe too much challenge sometimes. Plus, that theme song will get stuck in your head.
The Verdict Not for the impatient or easily flustered, but twitch-perfectionists will have a blast.
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