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Style Up Your Favorite Tech Gadgets With Slickwraps [Deals]



Tired of the way your smartphone, tablet, computer, or other tech gadgets are looking these days? Now you can change it up with a stylish skin from Slickwraps.

Slickwraps makes amazing skins for these big name brands and more! They literally make hundreds of sweet skins for just about every tech gadget out there including your iPhone and/or Android phone. This Cult of Mac Deals offer will get you $40 Slickwraps credit for only $20 – credit you can apply to any product (or products) they have for sale on their website. This deal gives you the freedom to shop around and get exactly what you want.

Use your credit on dozens of different skins for your favorite tech gadgets:

  • Smartphones (average price is approx. $20)
  • iPods (average price is approx. $15)
  • iPads and tablets (average price is approx. $25)
  • MacBooks (average price is approx. $45)
  • Gaming gadgets (average price is approx. $10)
    …and other cool gadgets (average price is approx. $20)

Immediately after you make your purchase you’ll receive a coupon code that you’ll be able to use on the Slickwraps website during checkout which will deduct $40 from your shopping cart. This coupon can be applied to multiple products or a single product but the coupon can only be used once so make sure your shopping cart has everything you want in it before you complete your order. Click here to browse the entire Slickwraps selection.

PLEASE NOTE: This $40 doesn’t include the cost of shipping or taxes so you’ll need to pay this during your checkout process on Slickwraps website. Shipping costs $4.95 for USA customers with an average delivery time of 3 to 5 days and it will cost $6.95 for International orders with an average delivery time of 10 days. That being said though, if your cart totals more than $40 after you apply your $50 coupon during checkout you’ll receive free worldwide shipping!

If you’re tired of having the same old look and feel for your tech gadgets, this offer gives you the ability to style them up when – and how – you want. Slickwraps has dozens of skins made right here in the USA for all of your favorite tech gadgets so you’re bound to find something you love. So don’t delay – get 50% off $40 worth of Slickwraps credit courtesy of Cult of Mac Deals today!

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