What An iOS-7 Inspired Apple TV Interface Could Look Like [Concept]



Andrew Ambrosino, the same concept designer who showed us what the next version of OS X could look like, also has an interesting take on the Apple TV’s interface. His concept design is inspired by Jony Ive’s iOS 7.

“I know, it’s a Samsung TV so it can’t be a “real” Apple TV / iTV concept,” notes Ambrosino, “but unfortunately I just lack the skill for hardware.”



Siri might be my least favorite thing about the concept, but Ambrosino is probably on to something with the transparent overlay.


Apple clearly needs to rethink its current app icon layout because it’s cluttered and clunky. Unfortunately, Ambrosino doesn’t diverge far from it. His general aesthetic is a refreshing take that feels more at home with iOS 7.


Texts while I’m watching TV? Better be important.

Source: Andrew Ambrosino