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Jony Ive Makes WSJ’s ‘Books of The Year’ List



It’s the time of the year for lists: naughty, nice, best of, trends, Thirteen Surprising Bathroom Habits Of Tech Innovators. Stuff like that.

All those listicles can make your eyes water, even though you can’t stop yourself from clicking through to Ten Loudest Grunters in Women’s Tennis, I know I can’t.

But it was with great pleasure that I spotted Cult of Mac publisher Leander Kahney’s Jony Ive made it into the venerable Wall Street Journal’s Books of the Year section.

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Leander’s book is paired with design giant Harmut Esslinger’s Keep it Simple for a big, top-of-the-fold, right-hand page review. And yeah, it’s uber-old school to A) know that stuff about newspapers and B) still care about it.

Under the headline Why Apples Don’t Grow on Trees, outgoing president of the Rhode Island School of Design John Maeda digs into the two books to explore why he has a hard time coming up with another example of a successful, design-led company that’s not Apple.

You won’t get any spoiler from me, let’s just say it’s worth a read. The online version of the article features a neat slide show of Apple’s “Drawing Board,” including Esslinger’s Baby Mac and a few back-to-the-future 80s products like touch-screen MacBook and the totally tubular Apple flip phone.