New York Group Calls Apple Store a Bad Neighbor



Image by Nathan via Flickr

Members of a SoHo neighborhood group lodged a lengthy formal complaint against the Apple Store at Prince & Green in Manhattan yesterday, calling the retail outlet “the worst neighbor in SoHo.”

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  • charli

    okay the employee thing blows. but did they go to the store management to tell them and to have them tell their employees to stop. what were they told by the management. if they didn’t complain, the management can’t be blamed for not doing anything cause they might not have known. did the store talk to the local police about the whole iphone day and the concerts and set up traffic control. if they did and it was poor then it’s the police that are to blame not the store. cause generally they can’t control what’s outside their lease line. they don’t have jurisdiction. if they didn’t talk to the local authorities then yeah, blame the hell out of them

  • Chris

    Apple products might be nice at the beginning, but now they are becoming more like geek’s stuff. Things for those super geeks who do have anything better to show off.

    I am so sick of listening to those geeky people bragging on and on about apple products.

    Not to mention those sales in the store, they are the worst. They are disgusting. They don’t smile, don’t greet people, they don’t have any customer services basic skills. who do they think they are? Just a bunch of geeks selling some computer stuff.

    With all these negative images of apple stores, apple staff, i am just sick to see an apple product now.