Rare 1978 Steve Jobs Document Fetches $40,000 At Auction



A 1978 legal agreement between Steve Jobs and future mining tycoon billionaire Robert Friedland has fetched $40,000 at auction. The eight-page legal document set up an investment business, and carries the signatures of both men.

“In 30 years of business we have only offered one other Jobs item — a signature,” RR Auction Vice President Bobby Livingston noted in a statement. “[T]his document, incredibly substantial and significant in its connection to a major figure in his life, is of the utmost rarity.”

The document was reportedly purchased by Tristar Productions CEO Jeff Rosenberg.

Of course, the real mystery might be what the exact story is behind Jobs getting involved with an investment company. By the middle of 1978 he was already working at Apple, having launched the Apple II at the previous year’s West Coast Computer Faire.

The address of the business is “Route 2, Box 472” in McMinnville — a 170-acre property reported to be the location of the farm and orchard which played a key role in helping to shape Jobs’ outlook on life. (And may even have partially inspired Apple’s name.)

Two years after the described partnership began, Jobs distanced himself from Robert Friedland. What became of the business this document relates to is unknown.

Source: RR Auction

Via: MacNN