This Man Was Pulled Over For Talking On An iPhone-Shaped Cookie


Credit: Randy Liedtke's Tumblr page
Credit: Randy Liedtke's Tumblr page

Here’s a funny idea with a high potential to go wrong: bake a batch of cookies in the shape of iPhones, drive around pretending to talk on them, and then when you inevitably get pulled over, take a bite, look the law enforcement official straight in the eye, and say, “Are cookies against the law, officer?”

This bold (although possibly ill-advised) plan was the recent brainchild of Los Angeles comedian Randy Liedtke. Thanks to Twitter, followers were able to see how the dicey scenario played out in more-or-less real time. Here’s what happened:









The last image, taken a number of hours later, shows Liedtke holding what looks to be a lengthy writ of some sort. Ominously, this is the last thing he has tweeted since.


And that, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, is why iPhone cookies are better in theory than in practice.

Source: Twitter

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