Soulver For iPad Gets iOS 7 Overhaul, As Soulver For iPhone Goes Universal



Although a graceful crystal ballet danced in the world of symbols, for those of us who aren’t particularly math minded, all those plus signs, minus signs, dividers and parentheses can get confusing when we’re trying to figure out a problem.

For us, iOS app Soulver is a godsend, allowing you to perform various mathematical captions and functions by just typing them out on real text. Today, the plain text math app has received a beefy update, not only updating its look for iOS 7 on iPad, but also making it universal.

The new iOS 7 look is only kind of new. Soulver introduced a new streamlined look to its iPhone app a month and a half ago, but it never came to iPad. Now, not only is Soulver for iPad as beautiful as iOS 7 now, but the same app runs on anything iOS 7 does: iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. You only have to by Soulver once.

Here’s what else comes along with the iOS 7 for iPad update:

• Added iCloud Syncing

• Dropbox syncing now syncs to the “Dropbox/Apps/Soulver” folder.

• Added syntax coloring

• Added unit conversions

• AirDrop support

• Total now visible when keyboard is hidden

• Files list can be pulled in from the left side of the screen

• Simplified navigation bar

• Removed the line reference mode. Just tap on an answer to insert a reference to it.

• “Scratch files” are now called “Drafts”

• Added URL schemes

• Improved VoiceOver support

If for some reason you want to buy Soulver for iPad still, even though Soulver is universal, you can buy it on the App Store for just $0.99. It might be better to invest in the universal version, though, which costs $1.99.