Apple TV Updated With Watch ABC, Bloomberg TV, Crackle And KORTV



Throughout 2013 Apple has turned Apple TV into more than just a hobby by beefing up its lineup of channel offerings, but it looks like the company isn’t quite done yet with its new additions for the year.

Apple added four new channels to the the Apple TV this morning including Bloomberg TV which includes free access to a live stream of the company’s coverage as well as access to shows like Bloomberg West, Charlie Rose and many more.

Included among the new channels is Watch ABC, which allows users to stream news coverage from local ABC affiliates as long as you verify that you’re paying for cable. Crackle was also added to Apple TV and offers users free access to a selection of Movies and TV shows. KORTV is the other remaining addition and provides live streaming of Korean TV as well as movies and sports coverage.

The new additions come on the heels of a steady stream of new content Apple dished out throughout the year by adding channels like HBO GO, Watch ESPN, Vevo, Disney Channel, Smithsonian, MLS and others.

  • drnewmedia

    Too bad ISP’s are starting to cap data and charge overage fees like Comcast. There is not much point anymore to streaming media.