‘Shops!’ Will Organize Your Grocery Runs, And It’s Very Excited About It



Shops! — Utilities — Free ($1.99 for full unlock)

I have reason to believe that some of the people reading this have some shopping to do. And if you’re looking for a way to organize what you need to buy, Shops! is here to help. It’ll let you set up individual lists for different stores, and then you can check them off as you pick them up. And if you’re feeling especially tech-crazy, you could even use it alongside BestRoute Free to make every part of the trip as efficient as it can be.

Other than that part where you have to park and be around all those people. We don’t have an app to make that suck less, yet.


  • Clifmeister1

    Does not exist on App Store today, at least not on my iphone or ipad.

  • Clifmeister1

    Disregard my other post it is back now.