Hey Kids! Awesome Parties Have Consequences In House Cleaning [Review]



If you wreck a house during a party,someone has to clean it up. House Cleaning has a kind of warped, hoarder-ish perspective on tidying up that will have your kids shoving all their misplaced mess into boxes. But it might encourage children to try to clean up after themselves if all other forms of parenting fail.

House Cleaning by Roger Dublin
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone, iPad
Price: Free

After a totally awesome bash, the cutie cleaners in House Cleaning realize they can’t just leave books and CDs scattered throughout the garden of their friend’s home. So, you must dutifully help them sort out the garbage from the decent items before they can move onto another section of the post-party warzone. Plus, they’ll even do a bit of magical yard work when you’re done.

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House Cleaning is not a game for anyone over the age of 5 most likely. It is a perpetual loop of cleaning the same locations over and over while cheery jewelry box music chimes in the background. It is cute, simplistic, and completely inoffensive, and might give younger kids the impression that you do need to clean up after yourself in the event you start throwing newspapers into fountains.

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I went into this thinking “this will be totally horrible,” but House Cleaning is a decently-made sorting game. I would definitely hand this to a child that’s bugging me to play with my phone. Games have tasks, kid, and you better learn to tidy up.

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Game Name: : House Cleaning
The Good: It’s a cute way to say “clean your room.”
The Bad: You can play through the game very quickly, but young players probably won’t mind.
The Verdict Use this as a brief distraction for children and maybe instill some responsibility.
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