How To Share Your iTunes Radio Stations [iOS Tips]


Share iTunes Radio Stations

iTunes Radio competes with other non-on-demand internet radio services, like Pandora. It allows you to pick a seed artist or set of artists and then let its magical algorithms decide what other songs and artists best fit your seed. It then feeds you a stream of music that you can like or dislike along the way, theoretically building a “station” of your favorite music, based on your own tastes.

To access iTunes Radio, all you need to do is launch your Music app with a tap, and then tap on the Radio icon in the lower left. Once there, you can create stations on your own, edit stations you’ve already created, or even listen to iTunes featured stations.

It’s also trivially easy to share your own stations with other folks.

Once you’re in iTunes Radio, tap on a station, either your own or a featured one; you can share any kind of iTunes Radio station.

Tap on the little “i” info icon at the top of the screen, and then look to the bottom of the resulting page. You’ll see a Share station icon. Tap the ubiquitous iOS 7 Share icon (it looks like a rectangle with an arrow pointing up out of it), and you’ll get the familiar sharing sheet sliding up from the bottom of your iOS device.

Tap on Message, Mail, Twitter, or Facebook to send the Station to a friend in one of these ways. You can also tap Copy Link to save the iTunes Radio station link to some other service, or your own notes.

Source: Apple