This iPhone Case Is The Only Acceptable Way To Flash Someone This Christmas



Whether you’re mourning the decline of BlackBerry, or feel a burning desire to carry around condoms in your phone (you should probably get that last one checked out by a doctor), there’s most likely a custom iPhone case to suit you.

Well, now Christmas enthusiasts can get in on the act too — courtesy of the new VanD flashing case.

Promising to light up your iPhone with festive cheer (or a variety of other patterns) whenever a new call or message comes in, the case takes advantage of a relatively unknown iOS setting called LED flash for alerts.

The LED flash is redistributed throughout the entire casing, so that you can not only see the custom effect from the back (as per the above video), but also from the sides. It’s pretty neat, and has the additional advantage of requiring no additional battery power other than what the LED already draws.

A potential $19.99 stocking filler for the iPhone 5 or 5s owner in your life, then?

Source: iCella

Via: Device Magazine