What Has Former iOS Boss Scott Forstall Been Doing Since Leaving Apple?



All’s quiet on the Scott Forstall front — and pretty much has been since the former SVP of iOS was unceremoniously fired from Apple back in October 2012 for refusing to sign an apology for the Apple Maps fiasco.

Well, there’s an update on the horizon for Forstall watchers: and it involves the former Apple exec spending much of the last year traveling to Italy and South Africa, advising a handful of startups, and getting more involved in philanthropy work — mainly focused on education, poverty, and human rights.

There are no definite plans for his next act, although VC firms like Kleiner Perkins and Andreessen Horowitz have stayed in touch.

Apple employees, however, think that Forstall will be starting his own company.

Even post-Apple, it seems that Forstall is modeling himself on Steve Jobs.

After his equivalent of the NeXT years, that should put his triumphant return to Apple at around 2024, then.


Source: The Information

Via: Business Insider