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Go Retro With Your iPhone 5: Get Two High-Quality Cases From Rocketcases [Deals]



Be honest…the first time you saw a cassette or Nintendo-style retro case, you wanted it. But quality-wise, these style of cases just hasn’t been up to snuff. Until now. Rocketcases did the right thing, and made the cases we all wanted the way they should have been made the first time.

Now you can choose two cases from a variety of options. Whether you pick the classic black or white GameBoy, multi-colored cassette tapes, or the black or grey “Ghetto Blaster” boombox, you’ll get them for an incredible deal – just $25 – during this limited time Cult of Mac Deals offer.

Here are just some of the features that these cases boast:

  • Colorful, retro 80’s style
  • Durable, protective materials and construction
  • All necessary cut-outs: dock, speaker, headphones, silent
  • Superior tight fit, as opposed to cheap silicone cases that are loose fitting and floppy
  • Created from TPU plastic, not silicone, so that it doesn’t stick in your pocket

You need to protect your iPhone from falls, scratches and its plain-looking exterior, and the quality of these cases are awesome. They’re sturdy, they fit properly, and they feel good in your pocket. And you can have one of your very own for only $25. Head to the Deals page and save 37% on one of these stylish retro cases today!

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