Sunday Specials: Photography Gear And Icons Bundle [Deals]



As the week ends for many of us (and starts for others), Cult of Mac Deals has a couple of offers that look appealing in more ways than one.

First up is KICK: the Game-Changing Portable Lighting Studio. KICK provides smartphone-controlled studio quality lighting and effects that you can add to all your images and videos – and it fits in your pocket! The other offer is The Icojam Raster Icons Bundle, which features over 4,200 high quality icons for your design arsenal. KICK is going to cost you only $149 and the Icojam Raster Icons Bundle will run you just $35 – but both are available for only a limited time.


The KICK is a revolutionary new way of lighting your photos and videos – and making sure you get perfect exposure every time.

It’s only about the size of your smartphone, but comes packed with a rechargeable panel of 40 completely adjustable RGB LEDs. At 400 Lumens (twice as bright as most Police flashlights) it’s powerful, but it’s also intelligent – once you pair it with the free KICK app (iOS and Android).

KICK can also be controlled manually, and if you have more than one you can control them simultaneously through the app.

Its uses are limitless. KICK is not just a light for your smartphone, it works for DSLR, digital, and video cameras – anything that captures photo or video, KICK will illuminate the subject. Experiment with this incredible product and create epic Vines, Instagrams, music videos, whatever – the best part about KICK is its versatility.

You can learn more about the KICK and pick it up for 16% off the regular price – only $149 – at the Deals page.

The Icojam Raster Icons Bundle

This bundle of raster icons contains 48×48, 32×32, 24×24, and 16×16 pixel sizes and covers a wide variety of subjects: Animation, Astrology, Education, Finance, Medicine, Multimedia, Personnel, Transport, Video, Weather and more to fit any number of projects.

Featuring ready to use PNG files, this wide range of icons can be used on retina resolution screens, as well as in mobile apps, websites, dashboards and CMS.

You can learn more about the Icojam Raster Icons Bundle, check out some samples of each set, and then pick it up for only $35 – a savings of 53% – over at the Deals page.