Wow, This 1TB Samsung SSD Is a Great Deal at Just $515



If you’re looking to upgrade your Mac with a high-capacity solid-state drive (SSD), this 1-Terabyte Samsung EVO-Series SSD on Amazon is a great deal. Normally $849.99, it’s just $514.99 and free shipping.

Upgrading to a SSD is one of the best ways to give old hardware new life. Samsung claims its EVO-Series SSDs load applications up to three times faster and save 30% battery life. Apple has aggressively switched to solid state drives across its entire line of laptop and desktop products, and retrofitting older machines is pretty straightforward.

Until now, 1-Terabyte drives were prohibitively expensive, but as you can see, prices are dropping. $500 for a big roomy SSD is a steal, and a relatively inexpensive way to keep that older MacBook or Mac Pro rocking.